Guided tours at Birka

Information, where to meet and startime

The best way to bring the Viking age to life is to join a guided tour around the island.

Live guided tours at Birka

Our knowledgeable guides will show you around the archaeological area and give you a clear picture of the place where the city of Birka once stood. The guided tour is included if you come with one of Strömmas boats.

During the season we offer several guided tours at Birka. There are of course tours in Swedish, but also one that is tailored to our foreign visitors. The tour is about an hour long and involves a walk of about 1.5 km in varied terrain.

During our theme weeks, we have in-depth archaeology tours that tend to be incredibly appreciated! Current theme tours can be found under Events at Birka.

Birka tour in English

For foreign guests we have a guided tour of the archaeological area in English. The English tour includes some more basic information than for the Swedish-speaking guests.

All the guided tours starts at the museum.

FAQ concerning guided tours:

How long is the tour?
Ca 1-1,5 km walkabout in rual terrian over some hills. The tour takes about 45 min up to 1 hour.

Where does the tour start?
In front of the museum.

Does it cost?
If you have paid round trip to the island with for example Stromma you can join the guided tour for free.

If you arrive with your own boat or Särimner taxi, you can pay for the tour in the museum.

Where does the tour go?
The tour goes over a grave field with over five hundred graves, most of them are escavated, the hillfort, the monument of Ansgar, the garrison. The participants gets to see the area of the Black Earth (the Town).

Startimes for guided tours at Birka 2023

June 26 – August 13

Kl. 12.30, 13.30 and 14.30 Swedish (45 Minutes)
Kl. 12.45 and 14.45 Family Tour Swedish (30 Minutes)
Kl. 13.30 and 14.30 English(45 Minutes)
Kl. 13.45 Family Toir English (30 Minutes)

August 14-27 
Kl. 12.30 English
Kl. 13.45 Swedish

August 28 augusti – September 29 
Kl. 11.30 English
Kl. 12.45 Swedih

Kl. 12.30 English
Kl. 13.45 Swedish

September 30 – October 29
Kl. 12.30 English
Kl. 13.45 Swedish

Book a private guide

If you come as a group to Birka, or if you have special wishes, interests or needs, you can hire your very own guide. The guidance takes about one hour. We usually recommend larger parties and groups to hire a private guide. With your own guide you can plan your day at Björkö just as you want! Another advantage with a private guide is that you keep the group together and have a greater chance to ask questions and have a dialogue with the guide.

Price for private guide 2023
SEK 3160 exclusive VAT (SEK 3950 including VAT) per guide and hour.

For groups of 70 persons or more, 2-3 guides are recommended.

Contact us to book a private guide: +468-1200 40