Groups at Birka

For schools, companies and groups

You are of course also welcome to experience the history of Birka in a group – whether it’s on a school trip, with colleagues or with your friends. We have put together both guided tours and packages. To look back is also an excellent way to take on the future!

Company package at Birka

Take a day trip and experience Birka with your colleagues or friends. An excursion to Birka give you great knowledge about the Vikings and their living – and it will be a fun day with new experiences. Perfect for kick off or other events!


Schools to Birka

We at Birka are passionate about giving school children a great interest in the Viking Age. Our guides and archaeologists take you on a journey through time. On the island you will go for an exciting walk through the archaeological area, have a picnic in the countryside and a visit our museum.


Book a private guide at Birka

If you come as a group to Birka, or if you have special wishes, interests or needs, you can hire your very own guide. The guidance takes about one hour. We usually recommend larger parties and groups to hire a private guide. With your own guide you can plan your day at Björkö just as you want! Another advantage with a private guide is that you keep the group together and have a greater chance to ask questions and have a dialogue with the guide.

Price for private guide 2023: 3 160 SEK excl. VAT (3 950 SEK incl. VAT)
To book your private guide, please contact us at: 08-1200 40 00

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