Travel with boat to Birka

Jetties, timetables and boat traffic 

You can travel to Birka from several places along Lake Mälaren. The following shipping companies have tours to Birka; Strömma Kanalbolaget, Rederi Mälarstaden or Museiföreningen Ångfartyget Ejdern. Please read more at the shipping companies’ websites

Shipping companies that operate boat tours to Birka

  • Strömma Kanalbolaget from Stockholm, Nya Kungshatt, Vårby brygga, Jungfrusund, Hovgården, Härjarö, and Mariefred.
  • Rederi Mälarstaden from Västerås, Sundbyholm, Strängnäs, Sigtuna, Kungsängen, and Kallhäll.
  • Museiföreningen Ångfartyget Ejdern from Södertälje
  • Särimner Båttaxi

Taxiboat to Birka

Do you want to book a taxiboat to Birka? Särimner båttaxi offers boattrips from Adelsö, Sandviken, Södertälje and Rastaholm.

Price with taxiboat:

A full day at Birka

Lindby-Birka – return ticket: 360:-/person *
Hovgården-Birka – return ticket: 360:-/person *

Price includes boat return ticket, entrance to the Museum, and a guided tour.

Afternoon/evening at Birka

Lindby-Birka – return ticket: 250:-/person *
Hovgården-Birka – return ticket: 250:-/person *

Price includes boat return ticket.

Other jetties: SEK 160/sea distance

Children under 10 years for free.
Valid for a minimum of 3 paying persons.

Booking or more information contact Jens at +46702-26 65 34

guest harbor – Travel to Birka with your own boat

You can travel to Birka with a private boat and moor in the guest harbor at Birka.

find departure points and jetties

Tips for traveling from Vårby jetty, Jungfrusund and Rastaholm – here you will find the departure points.

Travel from Vårby jetty

We recommend you who travel from Vårby jetty to be out in good time to find your way down to the jetty.
The pier is located by the cultivation plots and the Viking playground, just a few minutes walk from the bus stop or about 10 minutes walk from the metro station Vårby gård.

Jungfrusunds jetty

Jungfrusund’s jetty can be found at Jungfrusund’s Marina. Behind the Restaurant Jungfrusund’s mini golf you can find the jetty at the end – it’s connected to the sam jetty that the mini golf couse is at.

Find Hovgården jetty

Hovgården jetty is in the end of a country road, closed for traffic, which stretches along Adelsö Church area towards the water.

TIP! During the high summer, Birka is a popular destination, to guarantee your place on board the boat, we recommend that you pre-book your ticket.

Travel with one of Stromma boats to Birka

When you are travelling with Stromma the ticket includes a round trip to Birka, access to the museum and a guided tour of the ancient fields. The boat trip is between 15 min to 2 hours depending on departure pier. The boat from Stockholm also stops at some piers along the route.

  • Klara Mälarstrand, Stockholm:Take the boat from central Stockholm. The boat stops at the piers by Klara Mälarstrand, Nya Kungshatt, Vårby brygga, and Jungfrusund.
  • Härjarö: Travel to Birka with boat from the island Härjarö, North West of Stockholm. The boat trip is about one hour (each way).
  • Hovgården: Hovgården pier is situated at the neighbouring island Adelsö. Travel time 15 minutes (each way).
  • Mariefred: The boat trip to Birka from Mariefred is about one hour (each way).
  • Södertälje: Departs from Mälarehamnen in Södertälje. The trip takes one hour and fifteen minutes each way.

visit birka during low season - November to april

During the low season November to April the Museu mand the Restaurant are closed and there are boat traffic to the island. You can explore the island on your own if you have a private boat. You can moor in the guest harbor

things to keep in mind when visiting birka

Birka is an island with about 10 inhabitants. Most of the areas on island are a cultural reserve and world heritage. This means that you for the most time can go wherever you want on the island, as long as you:

  • don’t enter a private plot.
  • don’t littering in the nature.
  • don´t break twigs on growing trees or move away medium-sized stones (they may be a part of an old Viking grave or other the archaeological area).
  • don´t make camp or a bonfire anywhere else than on the museum area.