See & do at Birka

Attractions, highlights and restaurants 

Exhibition in the Museum – Buried at Birka

Meet the Elk Man and the Youngster from the 8th century, the Woman with the green cup from the 9th century and the Warrior Woman from the 10th century. They all lived during different centuries, they had different social status, gender, age and occupations. But one thing they all had in common – they were all buried at Birka.

Restaurant Särimner

Welcome to a Viking pub/restaurant on the shores of Lake Mälaren! We are KRAV-certified since 2019 and are proud of this achievement in our work toward a more sustainable future. We use locally produced ingredients as often as we can, and always Swedish homegrown when the possibility presents itself.

Themed week – Children’s Birka

Welcome to Birka for the little ones. There is a lot to experience for children of all ages.

The Viking Village

At Birka you can feel like a real Viking, but not in terms of becoming a savage seafarer of course. Here, you can stroll around the Viking houses in our Viking village, which is built exactly as the houses in the Viking Age. You can also visit our skilled craftsmen that are using the same techniques and tools that Birkas residents did once upon a time.

Museum & shop

You can almost touch history in our Viking museum. In our exhibition you can see ancient wooden objects from the archaeological excavations and exciting maps as well as a lost rune stone that was recently found.

The Monument of Ansgar

Ansgar was a missionary who lived during the 800s. He is known as the Nordic apostle since he was the one who brought Christianity here. At Birka you can find the famous Monument of Ansgar that is a memory of his arrival to Sweden.

Café Eldrimner

Just as today, meals played a big role for the Vikings, both for socializing and to feed hungry stomachs of course. Here, at Birka we have restaurant Särimner for those who are a bit hungrier and café for those who just fancy a bit. Café Eldrimner is a perfect stop when you are a bit hungry! There is a cozy covered patio and we always try to serve a lot of locally produced food.

Guest harbor

You can of course take your own boat to Birka, and you are welcome to stay and enjoy the island.

Swimming area

The Vikings were not some dirty savages, as you might think. On the contrary, they were actually unusual clean for this time era and bathed regularly. The story tells about “Saturday bathing” and in Sweden Saturday actually means “bathing day”.

Guided tours

The best way to bring the Viking age to life is to join a guided tour around the island. Our knowledgeable guides will show you around the archaeological area and give you a clear picture of the place where the city of Birka once stood. The guided tour is included if you come with one of Strömmas boats.

The Ansgar Chapel

The Ansgar Chapel was built around 1930, one hundred years after the Monument of Ansgar was raised. The chapel is built 1100 years after Ansgars arrival to Sweden. Ansgar was a monk that came to Sweden to Christianize the country. Today the Ansgar Chapel is a summer church, which is open for individual visits, group visits, weddings and christenings.

Themed weeks – Vikings at Birka

In the summer Birka is inhabited by the association Birka-Hovgårdens Gille who will live and work in the viking village for two weeks during the summer. Here you can stroll through the viking quarters and speak to the vikings, watch the craftsmen and learn about their trade and visit our small harbour and watch the Viking boats.

Themed day – Archaeology day

Welcome to Björkö and Birka to celebrate the archaeology day. Go on a special 1,5 hour guided tour about Birka in war.