Ansgar – The Apostle of the North at Birka

Themed week – Learn more about Ansgar

Welcome to the Viking City of Birka on Saturday, August 31, and/or Sunday, September 1, to learn more about Ansgar – The Apostle of the North.

Ansgar – A Brief History

Ansgar was a French monk who came to the pagan Birka in the 9th century to preach Christianity, but in the Nordic region, Odin and Thor were worshipped, leading to resistance and conflicts.

Theme Weekend – What’s Happening at Birka

You get the chance to hear Ansgar himself talk about his dramatic journeys to Birka, stormy negotiations, and imminent danger in a distant city in the wilderness. In addition to this, the following activities are available:

  • Dramatized guided tour
  • Visit Ansgar’s chapel on your own
  • Activities together with Ekerö parish

Book Your Boat Ticket to Birka 

Enjoy a fantastic boat trip to Birka on the picturesque Lake Mälaren – pre-book your boat ticket for a guaranteed spot on board.