Café Eldrimner at Birka

Coffee, ice cream and light lunch

Just as today, meals played a big role for the Vikings. Just as today, meals played a big role for the Vikings, both for socializing and to feed hungry stomachs of course. Here, at Birka we have restaurant Särimner for those who are a bit hungrier and café for those who just fancy a bit. Café Eldrimner is a perfect stop when you are a bit hungry! There is a cozy covered patio and we always try to serve a lot of locally produced food.

At Café Eldrimner you can stop to get cold drinks, coffee or tea, a warm VIKING (meat in bread or spinach and feta cheese on bread), pancakes, freshly baked pastries, ice-cream and much more to satisfy your hunger. This may be needed when you have followed the Vikings’ footsteps all day.

Opening hours in Café Eldrimner 2021

June 28 – August 15
Daily – 11.00-16.30

If you would like to eat at other times you are welcome to Restarurant Särimner.