Exhibition at the museum - Buried at Birka

Four tales about life at Birka

Meet the Elk Man and the Youngster from the 8th century, the Woman with the green cup from the 9th century and the Warrior Woman from the 10th century. They all lived during different centuries, they had different social status, gender, age and occupations. But one thing they all had in common – they were all buried at Birka.

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By recreating these four individuals and communicating their story, we want to give an insight into how life may have looked in Viking Age Birka. Instead of merely displaying facts and artifacts, the people in the graves are brought to life through photographs with reconstructions of their grave gifts and clothing. With the help of archaeological techniques such as DNA, strontium analyzes of teeth, osteology and archeology we can tell their stories at the exhibition at the Birka Museum.