Swim at Birka

Take a dip at our beach

The Vikings were not some dirty savages, as you might think. On the contrary, they were actually unusual clean for this time era and bathed regularly. The story tells about “Saturday bathing” and in Sweden Saturday actually means “bathing day”. Compared to other Europeans who took a bath 1-2 times a year! And then it’s perfect to live on an island!

Take a swim at the beach at Birka

Here at Birka you find a small beach, so if you pack bathing clothes you can take a dip and cool off after a walk in the archaeological area. And then you are actually bathing in the same water that served as the Vikings bathtub.

And whether you bathed or not, you can always take the opportunity to pause at the Restaurant Särimner or Café Eldrimner located nearby. They serve lunch, coffee, ice-cream and other goodies!