Children’s Birka

Themed week in the Viking quarters 

Welcome to the Childrens Birka. We have a lot to offer for curious children of all ages. 

Try viking activities

This year we will be able to offer a lot of outdoor activities, where we can keep a safe distance to each other. We will offer a day full of activities.

Role play guiding/Family guiding

  • 12.45 and 14.45
    Meet Frideborg, the monk Ansgar and the slaves Sot and Aska. Hear them tell the history about their life in the viking city Birka.
  • Make your own candle light and Viking necklace
    Arranged in collaboration with Ekerö pastorat

The Viking hunt – Thoras adventure

  • 12.20, 13.20 and 14.20
    Follow in the footsteps of Viking girl Thora and look for the hidden pearl treasure. During the tour through the viking quarters we will look for clues, read the treasure map together and decode a secret rune stone message along with a guide. Suitable for children aged 4-9 years. The tour will be run in small groups, and if the spots are high in demand we will increase the number of tours (12.45 & 13.45 & 14.45).


Date: June 28 – July 4, 2021
Place: In the Viking quarters

Birka activities

The Viking Museum

In the Viking Museum you will be close to history, so close you almost feel you can touch it.

Guided tours

Come along on a guided tour and our knowledgeable guides will show you around the archaeological area and give you a clear picture of the place where the city of Birka once stood.