Starke Viking at Birka

Sweden’s Rawest Competition – Strength Competition

The success Starke Viking at Birka is back again this year! From July 26–29, you can experience perhaps Sweden’s rawest strength competition – a strength competition in harmony between past and present competition disciplines.

Starke Viking – This is How the Competition Works

In the competition, there are several different classes – light and heavy class, Valkyria – only for women, open class, and Birkas elddop (Birka’s baptism of fire). The classes are divided so that anyone can participate, regardless of previous experience or strength.

The most desirable win is in the class Birkas elddop. Those who like to torment themselves compete here. For four days, the participants are tested in three to five disciplines. No one gets to know the disciplines beforehand. The winner is the one with the most points after the four days.

The unique thing with Starke Viking is that no aids that can increase or help increase strength are allowed. Also, everyone competes barefoot.

If you want to read more or register for the competition – have a look at Starke Viking’s website (in swedish).

Try-on Stations

For those of you who are curious to test your strength, there will be try-on stations open all day. Who is the strongest in the family?

Book a Boat Ticket to Birka

To guarantee your place on board the boat to Birka, you should book in advance. You can go by boat from Klara Mälarstrand in Stockholm via Nya Kungshatt, Jungfrusund, Vårby, Kaggeholms Slott, and Hovgården or from Mariefred, Härjarö, and Södertälje – which boat suits you best?

The ticket price for the boat includes a return boat trip, entrance to the museum, a guided tour through the archaeological site, and free access to see Starke Viking.

Here you can read more and book your boat ticket with Strömma Kanalbolaget.

Boat Ticket to the Final, July 29

Do you want to see the finale of Starke Viking on July 29? Then book our special departure from Stockholm. The departure times are adapted so you can see the entire final.

Here you can read more and book the special departure for the final day with Strömma Kanalbolaget.