Archaeology day at Birka

Themed day with a unique lecturer

Anders Rydell

Welcome to Björkö and Birka to celebrate the archaeology day August 27! Go on a special lecture about Birka’s runes.

Lecture about Birka’s runes

Welcome to listen to an interesting lecture by Anne-Berit Lavold. She will guide you through the history of runes, rune stones and Birka’s rune inscriptions. The lecture will take place on two occasions during the day, once in Swedish and once in English. This is suitable for both children and adults who are interested in knowing more about Birka’s runes.

Where to meet: The museum
Suitable for: Children and adults
Start: 12:45 in Swedish and 14:30 in English, August 27th, 2023

Lecturer Anne-Berit Lavold

Lecturer Anne-Berit Lavold has written the book Sollentuna’s rune stones. It is a story about, a description of and a guide to Sollentuna’s rune stones – a new book is in the works.

Her interest in history, especially the Viking Age, started at an early age. There are more than two thousand seven hundred Viking rune inscriptions in our countryside. One day, standing in front of a rune stone, Anne-Berit realised that she wanted to be able to read what it said herself. She learned to read runes through self-study but wanted to deepen her knowledge, so she studied runology at Stockholm University. Today, she visits rune stones as often as she can to practice and keep her knowledge alive.

Take the boat to The viking city birka

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