Archaeology day at Birka

Themed day with a unique guided tour

Welcome to Björkö and Birka to celebrate the archaeology day August 30. Go on a special 1,5 hour guided tour about Birka in war.

Go on the special guided tour

The guide will tell you about the archaeological finds from the graves at Birka, and you will walk to different sites on the island where vikings were buried and visit the largest burial sites.
You will find out more about the different rituals used during the burial ceremonies and see Birka the Viking island through the eyes of an archeologist. 

Where to meet:  Outside the museum
Suitable for: Children and adults that already have some knowledge of the Viking area and want a special experience on the island.
Start: 12.30 pm, August 29th 2021

Scavenger hunt for young archeologists

The Viking VitePer has woken from his grave and discovered that he is the last Viking left. But what is a Viking without his treasures? By digging like a real archaeologist you can help him find his burial gifts. Bring the gifts to him and he will tell you what it is and explain why he was buried with certain things.

Where to meet: Between the beach and the museum
Suitable for: Younger children with archeological dreams!
Start: 11.30 am – 3.15 pm, August 29th 2021

Take the boat to The viking city birka

Enjoy a fantastic bout tour to Birka – pre-book your boat ticket.

Sunday August 29, 2021